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Home Must-Try Local Eats Durian Pie and Ice Cream in South Cotabato

Durian Pie and Ice Cream in South Cotabato

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durian pie

Durian is commonly known as the "King of the Fruits", a label that can be attributed to its formidable look and overpowering odour. And it was during our South Cotabato trip that I was able to have a close encounter with this fruit.

As we ride thru the national highway of South Cotabato, aiming to have a quick tour before heading back to manila, we were able to pass thru this noticeable, oversized durian monument that made us stop on our tracks to check it out.

Having to step down for the first time in this Durian Garden, I was expecting to have an overwhelming smell of the fruit to fill the air, well, I was wrong.

The Durian garden welcomes us with different ornamental pants and a mini zoo. Then, numerous durian trees surround the garden, bearing fruit abundantly that some of the branches tend to bend. You just have to be careful though, you might be hit by a falling durian fruit in the head. Either way, it was awesome to see the beautiful flowering and fruit bearing durian trees for the first time.

Of course, the trip to this durian farm will not be complete unless we have a taste of the durian fruit itself.

Honestly, I am not an avid fan of durian, but there is an alternative way to eat durian in this farm, Durian Ice Cream and Durian Pie.

The durian ice cream is mild in flavor compared to the fruit itself. But the taste and aroma is still there. You have a choice of having a durian ice cream stick coated with chocolate, or a regular durian ice cream in a pint or gallon. So for first time durian eaters, I suggest you have the durian ice cream first. The durian pie on the other hand is a bit strong compared to the ice cream.  It’s like eating fresh durian in another form. Either way, it’s a great fruit experience that will surely make your trip worth it.

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