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Home Must-Try Local Eats Tuna Chicharon in GenSan

Tuna Chicharon in GenSan

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tuna chicharon


True, to taste is to believe. So far, I can say, the taste is like home cooked meals. I have to admit, with the tuna burger, you can’t say it’s made of fish at first glance, but you will be able to taste a bit of it in every bite, but the tuna tocino and the tuna longganisa is a grand slam for me. The taste, texture and consistency is great, you won’t even know its tuna. Can’t wait to try some more!

Yes, I have to admit, eating is a necessity, but indulgence is my obsession. My tuna experience will never be complete unless I try the Tuna Chicharon! Tuna in its crunchiest form! Tuna skins boiled, sun dried and then deep fried is the only way to cook them. What better way to end my tuna ecstasy but to eat this tuna chicharon dipped in vinegar with a couple of friends craving for more!

Truly, food tripping in General Santos City is an adventure itself.

If you have tuna experiences of your own, send your stories to us and we will post it online!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 June 2014 19:15  

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