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Tuna in General Santos City

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fresh tuna

Yellow fin tuna is a type of tuna that is found in open waters of tropical and subtropical seas worldwide. It tends to school with fishes of the same size, including other species of tuna, and larger fish. They are often seen with dolphins, porpoises, whales and whale sharks.

General Santos City is known for this kind of tuna. The seas are abundant with this and serve as the main source of income of the city and the reason for its reputation. Around 280 metric tons of tuna a day was captured and landed on the General Santos Fish port in 2007.

Due to this abundance, the Generals (people of General Santos City) have come up with different ways to enjoy this dish and be able to use, cook and earn from the different parts of the tuna.

Sashimi is the famous and most delicious way I can think of to eat a tuna. During the Tuna festival, Sashimi nights are definitely a hit. A taste of the freshest raw tuna, dipped in soy sauce and wasabi, what better way to enjoy a tuna but with its purest and freshest form?

But I stand corrected. During my visit to General Santos City, I was able to taste one of their specialties, the “Kinilaw”. Raw tuna fish soaked in vinegar, onions, garlic and a few carrots; the taste was spectacular. The vinegar slightly cooked the tuna, but still remained its freshness and tenderness in the inside. It can be eaten with rice and a variant, but locals say it is also best for “pulutan”, an appetizer eaten with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.

Value added products were also produced from tuna in General Santos City. And because of this, many entrepreneurs in Gensan was able to receive recognitions and awards for their quality and taste. A&J Seafoods and Marine Products is managed by Mrs. Aurora Amagan. Her company specializes on tuna value-added products such as Tuna hotdog, Tuna Burger, tuna longanisa, tuna tocino, tuna nuggets, tuna ham, tuna loaf, tuna barbecue, tuna siomai and tuna embutido to name a few. Pure tuna meat with fresh vegetables, radish, yam beans, and eggs are some of the ingredients she use as binders, that categorized the products as healthy table food. This earned her recognition not only in the Philippines, but also in Switzerland, Germany, France and New York. Mrs. Amagan is no chef, nor was she able to get formal schooling in cooking, but being a Kapampangan living in GenSan, it is in her blood to cook, and preparing delicious food in bulk is one of her specialty.

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