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Manila Christmas in Lights

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christmas in manilaAs early as the 17th century, candles were used to light and decorate Christmas trees. Over time, this decoration had evolved from candleholders, to small lanterns, to the electric bulbs, to the most recent led, we use this day.

Parol however, is a star shaped Christmas lantern, a traditional ornament Filipinos display that is usually made from bamboo and paper. Parols are said to signify the Star of Bethlehem.

Filipino culture, traditions and rituals are strong and are clearly demonstrated during the Christmas season. Metro Manila transforms when Christmas arrives. Christmas carols fill the air, giant Christmas trees are lit, dancing Christmas lights are on display, houses lit in the dark of night, light structures on parade and lighted parols are hung everywhere.

Due to the efforts of the barangay, to the traditions practiced by certain families, and to attractions built by certain malls, Metro Manila had lit in a different way when Christmas comes.


Christmas lights and decorations have covered the metro that gave families, friends and foes, an opportunity to stand still amongst our busy schedules and be reminded of what Christmas is all about.

Year after year we look forward to this day and Filipinos, in spite of the hardships in life, manage to keep these traditions alive. And these Christmas lights served as a reminder on how we, the Filipinos, keep up a positive outlook and a joyous spirit even during dark times come our way.

Christmas has always been an important day in our lives. Not merely because of the parties or the shopping, but the quality time that we could spend with our friends and families. Christmas is a time of giving, and sharing. It also serves as a reminder that gave us hope, as a Saviour was born; a celebration of the Christian faith.

What is the meaning of Christmas for you? And as these Christmas lights and decors twinkle in the night, what comes to your mind? One thing I noticed though, that wherever I go, people tend to smile and stand in awe amidst these spectacular lights. Whatever it is, it certainly brings joy to everyone. So to every Filipino around the world “Hope, Peace and Joy be upon you this holiday season. Maligayang Pasko sa inyong Lahat”

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