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Home Filipino Artists Jordan Mang-osan, Art in a different perspective

Jordan Mang-osan, Art in a different perspective

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Jordan Mang-Osan



I have been visiting Baguio ever since I can remember. The cool climate relaxes me, the smell of flowers and pine trees captivates me every single time. Being a Manileno myself, I always try to visit a new place at least once a year, eager to see the people’s rich culture, the beauty of nature and unique delicacies each city has to offer.

But after all these years, Baguio seemed different, I gained more respect to its people, its environment, its culture, tradition and art… the time when I met the wonderful and gifted artists of the Tam-awan village, one of them, is Jordan Mang-osan.

Jordan Mang-osan, a fan of art himself since his childhood years joined the Baguio arts guild back in 1987. He was trained and influenced greatly by the senior artists in the group, but it is Santiago Bosi (his mentor) who made a great impact in his life, it is from him where he learned Solar Drawing.

His main tools for creating his art are very simple... a magnifying glass, a piece of wood, creativity and the heat of the sun.

Senior artists are very willing and eager to share their craft, they make sure the art and culture in Baguio be preserved during their time and be passed on to the next generation.

“My inspiration is to promote and share our cordillera culture. This is the only way we can share it, thru art” cited Jordan.

Jordan Mang-Osan was named as the outstanding artist back in 1994. And the awards and recognition keep on coming. The best one came when he received an award in 2008 as a Regional Artist of Philip Morris. His ingenuity, and the uniqueness of his artwork made him recognizable here and abroad.

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