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Home Filipino Artists Aaron Bautista’s Abstract Landscape Paintings

Aaron Bautista’s Abstract Landscape Paintings

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aaron bautista Aaron Bautista was born on September 2, 1973 in Angono, Rizal. Aaron reminisces his childhood having to spend the afternoons in the rice fields flying kites, playing “Luksong Tinik” and chase doves across the golden rice fields of Angono. But, all this seems like a dream for Aaron as urbanization and commercialization have taken over the rice fields he once knew. Through his abstract landscape paintings, Aaron was able to express his love for Angono, to preserve its culture, landscape and art.

A graduate of Studio Arts, Major in painting in the University of the Philippines, Aaron tries to find himself and his identity in art. He started painting with no particular subject or theme, just fields of gold. He had been a part of about 49 group exhibits and had about 11 one-man shows since 1992, but it was only a year ago (2009) that Aaron found his identity towards his paintings, having Angono as his specific subject, he aimed to be the first abstract landscape artist of Angono, and he did just that.

In each of his paintings, you will notice to find a block of wood and a coin attached to it. The block of wood signifies urbanization, and the coin signifies the money that plays a great role in commercialization and development of the city.

Aaron uses specific colors for his paintings. Gold as the prominent one to signify the wheat and rice fields, black and white colors are then added as the abstraction, though most artists will have second thoughts using black in their paintings, Aaron doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all, he also added “why not?” A splash of light colors such as yellow, orange, green, red, and blue are also added in the paintings that compliments the entire artwork.

In one of his artwork entitled “The Two giants” signifies the two Angono artists that have uplift the pride and honor of Angono’s culture, heritage and art. These two giants represented are none other than Carlos “Botong” Francisco (National Artist for Visual Arts) and Lucio San Pedro (National Artist for Music).

Another one of his paintings is entitled, “Dreams”. Fields of gold are splashed in the painting symbolizes the wheat/rice fields. That during the time of harvest, Aaron as a child will come to these fields to play, but now that he is all grown up, it seems that it was just a dream because all the field have disappeared, as if the field never existed.

Aaron was among the top 10 finalist at the Metrobank’s painting Competition in 1995 and was among the finalist during the 1994, 1995 Shell National Students Art Competition. He has also conducted numerous art seminars and workshops around the Philippines.




- 11th Solo Art exhibit February 20 to March 6, 2010 in White Wall Gallery, 7467 Bagtikan Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City, Philippines



- A four man show together with Allan Alcantara, Carlos Totong Francisco II and Isidro Jon Santos that was held from July 31 to August 15, 2010 at the Gallery Anna, SM Megamall, 4th Floor, Bldg. A, Mandaluyong City, Philippines


- A three man show together with Sam Penaso and Aaron Bautista, February 3 to 28, 2010 at the Chef Jessie@Rockwell Club, G/F Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center Makati City, Philippines

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