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Home Filipino Artists Jojo Austria, viewing the world with his art

Jojo Austria, viewing the world with his art

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jojo austria Julio Jose Austria, commonly known as Jojo Austria, graduated Fine Arts in the University of Santo Tomas. To date, he already had 12 solo shows in Austria, Germany, USA, Thailand and the Philippines, for a short span of 5 years. Not to mention the 35 group shows in between.

Truly, this artist is rising fast in the art industry and nothing seems to be able to stop this young artist to soar high. More artworks are expected to come out from this young lad that will surely make a mark in the Philippine art industry, and maybe, to the world.

Jojo's works are done in oil on canvas, but the base is always done with acrylics, then process is layering until the paintings are finished. And he always place his thumb mark in his artworks while the paint is still wet, a very unique signature element that you can find in all his work.

Jojo have been a full time artist for ten (10) years. "It just so happen that after my graduation in UST where I took up Fine Arts last 2000, work is hard to find, nobody seem interested to hire me, so I just stayed at home and slowly practiced painting. I did some part time jobs and even joined a band just to earn a little. At the same time, I joined an art group where most of the artists are already established and had been practicing the craft for some time. I learned a lot from them, I try to observe their styles and techniques and they have been a great mentor that had greatly help in my art." said Jojo.

"Actually, I had a passion for art since I was a child but it never occurred to me or dream to be a painter that is why I took Architecture as my first choice in college. But I was not able to pass in that category so I took painting instead. And that is where it all started."

Unable to find any job after graduation serves as an advantage for Jojo at the time. Because of that, he has all the time in the world to perfect his craft and concentrate on his art.

The most influence people in Jojo's life is his art group in Cavite which is called the “Anting Anting” because it is where it all started. "I was the youngest among the group when I joined back in the days. Learning how to listen, be patient and be observant is the key. Some of the influencial people in my life are Jojo Lofranco and Manny Garibay. When it comes to international artists, it’s not actually their works that inspired me, but their ideas and life stories in the image of Dekooning, Picasso, Miro, Tapies, Kandinsky, and Cy Twombly." Jojo cited.

"Discovering oneself is never ending. An artist, as long as you are alive, should never stop learning new things. You will notice in my paintings that I have evolved throughout the years. I started off with merely representational work which is mostly abstract, and then it evolved to have dimensions, as seen in my last couple of works. I’m sure in the coming years; I will be able to come up with new ideas because I am surely here to stay."




- April 8 to 22, 2010, Art Verite' Gallery, located at 2C-05 2/F Shops at Serendra, Bonifacio High Global, Taguig City, Philippines



- A two man show with Jes Evangelista, on display last July 15 to 19, 2010 at the SALOMON ARTS GALLERY in New York, USA


- A two Man Show with Jes Evangelista, June 28 - July 9, 2010, The Art Gallery, The Philippine Center, 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 11036 USA

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