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Home Filipino Artists Jes Evangelista, an artist after God’s own heart

Jes Evangelista, an artist after God’s own heart

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jes evangelista Jose Evangelista, also known as Jes, has gone a long way from being a Civil Engineering student to the respected artist he is today. No matter the circumstances one face in life, still, the best will eventually come, in God’s own time, in God’s own way.

Jes have always wanted to study in UP but things doesn’t seem to work the way he planned it to be. He started off college taking up the engineering course, but, due to events such as meeting calculus (as Jes has put it) and frequent suspension of classes due to rallys during his time, he ended up spending his time working in a donut shop. Where, fortunately, he was able to meet an Art professor that seem to take interest in his artworks and encouraged him to pursue the profession. Thus came the opportunity for Jes to take up Fine Arts in the University of the Philippines. A long awaited dream that suddenly came to reality. And things have stirred up for Jes since then.

With more than 42 group exhibits and 9 solo exhibits held throughout the years, Jes is continually growing in his craft.

Teaching kids is one of his passions or just an accident as Jes would say? But, in my opinion, it is an opportunity for him to be an encouragement to the children, a mentor, and to be able to share his skill to others. Jes even mentioned that the kids nowadays are fortunate to be able to have these workshops available because that would greatly help enhance their skills, something which is not widely available during his time.

In his classes, he always tells his students not to be discouraged because it came to a point in his life that he was discouraged in art as well, and been having doubts in pushing thru the career on going full time. But now, as Jes had put it, “I enjoy my time painting. And because of art, I was given a chance to travel and share my artwork to the world”

Jes’ artworks take a long process to finish; from gathering of materials to thorough research of artist's styles. "I get inspiration from these artists and try to infuse my own style with mix paints combined with some available materials that I can find." said Jes "You will recognize in my works some colourful paints, embossed pigments or added similar objects from my artwork, repeated strokes and compositions."

International artists such as Victor Vasarely, Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko, and Vincent Van Gogh are Jes' inspiration. Local artists such as Benjie Cabangis, Nestor Vinluan, Napoleon Abueva, Pacita Abad , and Jose Joya had also influenced him greatly with his art.

With Jes’ continuous quest in developing his skill, and his passion in teaching others, his message to the young and upcoming artists, “Develop the skills you are interested in. If it is in art, learn the technique, if it's in music, get some training. Recognize and acknowledge your interests and concentrate on developing that skill. Do not be discouraged because learning art truly takes time. I have been left behind by my batch mates but I don't mind, I am happy on where I am now and where I am headed.” He also added, “Through thick and thin I pursue this dream, struggled financially, doing part time work and strived hard to be able to collect all the materials needed in my art classes and at the same time, developing with my personal relationship with Christ Jesus. I don’t think I deserved to be blessed so much, but God’s love still granted the desires of my heart, and I am grateful.”




- A two man show with Julio Austria, on display last July 15 to 19, 2010 at the SALOMON ARTS GALLERY in New York, USA


- A two Man Show with Julio Austria (abstract artist-manila), June 28 - July 9, 2010, The Art Gallery, The Philippine Center, 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 11036 USA


- A three man show together with Sam Penaso and Aaron Bautista, February 3 to 28, 2010 at the Chef Jessie@Rockwell Club, G/F Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center Makati City, Philippines

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