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Lynyrd’s self portraits - Visual Arts

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Lynyrd A graduate of Fine Arts in the Technological University of the Philippines has never had a job aside from painting. A full pledged full time painter, Lynyrd focused all of his time basically on his craft.

His artworks are described as figurative and realism. His work has its own twist and touch that only Lynyrd can perform. Focusing on blow up portraits inflicted with intense emotions of hurt, pain and sorrow.

“When people are happy, it seems they are not serious in life. Hurt shows the true nature of a person.” cited Lynyrd

He had his first group show when he was 2nd year in college. And for the past 7 years, Lynyrd has been exposed to different strokes, styles and ideas in painting that truly inspired him in his work. But at this time, Lynyrd was able to find himself, his identity as an artist.

“It just happened. And because all I did was paint, it just came out.” Lynyrd added,

“My art is my life story. It is about me and who I am. I am inspired with my life; it’s what I interpret in my works. It’s fresh and natural. Once you and your art are one, that’s it! That is the best point of one’s life in every artist.” Cited Lynyrd

Lynyrd is the only artist in the family. It took them a while to realize and accept his chosen career, but fortunately, all Lynyrd’s hard work paid off, his family is now his biggest fan!

I am envious on how this artist has found his passion and true identity in such a young age. People tend to go about their lives, with no direction on where to go or what to do. But this remarkable young man was able to find himself among the crowded and chaotic world, the reality of life, the vulnerability of such emotions and be able to express all of this thru art.

To date, Lynyrd have had 4 solo exhibits that was held in Manila and Malaysia; 16 group exhibits for the past 6 years of his career held in Manila, Singapore, Malaysia, and New York respectively.

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