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Jemina's art and inspiration

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Jemina Art has been a part of Jemina’s life by the time she was able to draw cartoons and make cards for her parents at a very young age. Growing up, her passion for art has manifested that gained constant appreciation and support from both her parents and teachers in High School. Because of this, she was able to obtain an art scholarship at the University of California, Sta. Barbara where she took up a degree in Studio Arts. “I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love and share my reflections to the world.” Cited Jemina

After graduation, Jemina flew back to the Philippines to pursue her passion - painting. When she launched her career as an artist in 1996, she simultaneously opened two solo exhibits (only a day apart) at the Lopez Museum and West Gallery Megamall respectively. She did this while working for a multi-national company. Talk about the drive, commitment and passion! This girl surely has it!

Since then, she had countless group exhibits and 16 solo exhibits to date. Year 2002 marked the year when she finally decided to work full-time as an artist. In between exhibits and shows, Jemina had kept herself busy with special projects and commission works. Some of which have been very special and unforgettable for her, such as the book cover paintings she had done for Francis Kong’s One Day at a Time and a few paintings for Asya Resort Boracay.

“My goal has been always to create works of art that would somehow inspire others. I believe our universe is designed because laws at the hands of a Creator govern nature. As an artist, I constantly analyze and evaluate forms through the exercise of my artistic training. I aim to reflect a world of imagination influenced by nature where balance and harmony exists. When my colors sing, the strokes dance and spaces flow, they speak of a message that life is not absurd; it is a sacred gift to be celebrated and respected. This I hope is an inspiration to the human soul.”

When asked on how she describes her artwork and what inspires her? She simply answered, “I was trained to paint and draw from life and not from photographs.  The foundation I learned from art school proved to be very important.  I do not neglect the foundation that I learned as I practice my skills as an abstract expressionist.  I am inspired by God’s creation and seek ways to interpret the essence of nature through my artistic training.  I use acrylic paint because I like to work spontaneously as inspiration comes.”

A lot of artists have also served as an inspiration to Jemina. “The artist that really caught my attention was Georgia O’Keeffe primarily.  Her works mesmerized me.   I found myself just staring at her works for a long period of time and was absorbed by them.  I also appreciate the works of Richard Diebenkorn.  I love his works especially Ocean Park series.  Returning to the Philippines after my U.S. education, the works of Betsy Westendorp captured me.  I also love and appreciate the works of Lindslee.”

Being an artist is a long journey and continuous process one has to go thru in order to establish one’s style and identity in the art scene. Some artists place trademarks and signatures in their works for people to recognize. But for Jemina, she just goes with the flow. “I do not want to limit myself into doing a certain style so that people can easily say, “Oh, that’s a ‘Jemina’!”  But as many themes and collections I have done over the past several years, there is a certain “feel” to my works that I hope people are able to identify.”

Jemina, timid and shy at first glance, has a very strong perspective that is illustrated clearly in her works. As you look at her paintings, you will be able to see peace, respect and a celebration of life; amidst the abstract colors and brush strokes, the message that comes across is an inspiration coming from nature and a strong intention to be of an inspiration to others.



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