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Home Filipino Achievers Margaret Ortega, a Filipina Star Factor winner in Hong Kong

Margaret Ortega, a Filipina Star Factor winner in Hong Kong

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Margaret Ortega was born in Manila but grew up in Hong Kong with her parents Josemarie and Therese Ortega. She started out in a Chinese English Primary school and then went on to international school which she is now enjoying a high school life as a senior. A simple girl who grew up to love dancing and came to learn to play the guitar on her own; a girl who didn’t even think that she has a talent in singing, but who would know that this young girl will make a name for herself in the music industry sooner as she think?


Margaret only sings in the luxury of her own bathroom and never in public. But when she found out about the “Star Factor” contest, a prestigious talent show in Hong Kong similar to American Idol, she was encouraged by a friend to join in and try out.


Her journey during the competition was bumpy. “I was very busy with school and my other responsibilities I really did not have time to practice! Around about two weeks before the competition I got sick with flu, so I didn't know how I was going to cope with that. I barely had a voice left. I just kept drinking tea with honey hoping my voice would come back eventually.” Cited Margaret.


Star Factor is a talent competition similar to American Idol except that performers are not merely soloists; there are also ensembles and bands. And from one taped live performance, the judges chose a winner for the two different groups which are the 8-14 English/Chinese champion and the 15-21 English/Chinese champion.

Margaret Ortega on her winning performance

She sang “Terrified” by Kara DioGuardi as she played the acoustic guitar which captivated the heart of the judges among 11 other acts in her age group during the finale.


You would think that life would be different after winning the title, “Nothing changed really except more competing priorities and performances.” Cited Margaret.


Education is still Margaret’s top priority. “I’ll finish high school of course, and then go off to college to take up Law. I’m not sure if I will be pursuing singing yet, but we’ll see what happens! You’ll never know.” She cited.


Point made when asked on how her winning affect the Filipino community in Hong Kong, she simply answered, “Well I'm just glad that in my own small way, I have brought about smiles and pride in Pinoys after receiving lots of kind words. This is specially important after lots of negative sentiments to the recent hostage crisis affecting Hong Kong Nationals.”


Margaret won First Place in the 15-21 group English category, taking home HKD 3,000 cash, a recording session at Mad Max and a trophy.


The “Star Factor” is hosted by Face Productions, a division of the KG (Kid’s Gallery) Group founded by Chinese philanthropist and leading businesswoman Joanna Hotung in 1996. The KG Group is leading children’s arts and English language organization specializing in developing creativity and youth. Its programs provide visual, performing and language arts courses to children aged from 14 months to 16 years.


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