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Home Art Exhibitions In a state of Panic : Nune Alvarado at Ysobel Gallery

In a state of Panic : Nune Alvarado at Ysobel Gallery

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Nunelucio “ Nune”  AlvaradoIn this show Panic at Ysobel Gallery, Nunelucio “ Nune”  Alvarado takes on issues of urban chaos, frivolous lifestyles and dependence on material happiness and the demons of compulsive excesses  while effectively engages a nagging call to go back to organic and simple ways.

Particularly, these artworks also call to mind a discernable visage of the panic and devastation of Typhoon Hyan/Yolanda which directly connects man’s propensity for excesses.   As an artistic investigation on society, these works also collectively provide a point of departure to look at the artist’s own state of mind and creative process.

Nunelucio Alvarado has been known for his seminal cubistic work on canvas but now takes a slight shift to smaller works on pen and ink.  The show is a visual feat that demonstrates his dexterous skills and commitment to details.  As always, he engages an incessant interplay of meaning and representation so characteristic to his work in any medium he commits his artistic labor.

For more information, please call Mark Tiongco 0928-5071117 at  or Philip Paraan at 0915 205 33 82

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